The front yard.

The front yard.

About Us

We are a small company with humble beginnings.  Our love of plants has blossomed into wanting to share the beautiful treasures that we enjoy everyday.  Nature provides amazing bounties to those who take a moment to enjoy them.  We prefer “Gems” that require minimal care and abundant returns in the way of visual impact and sensual fragrances.  We currently have a large selection of Brugmansias, or Angels Trumpets.  They are big beautiful tropical shrub-like trees with colorful pendant blooms.  We are excited about our offerings.  All photos are OURS from the stock plants that we have.  The plants that have the “Coming Soon” angel image have not bloomed or are still in the evaluation process.  We have over two hundred named varieties of angels trumpets that we are evaluating , hybridizing and propagating.  We have listed all the varieties that we are  growing, but not all are currently available to purchase as we are still evaluating the plants.  The nursery also includes over three hundred seedlings of never before seen crosses, as well as other types of plants in trials for future release.  The pods from our own crosses are ripening and will be available soon as well.  For those who find the germination process difficult, we are starting seedlings that we will also offer for sale soon.  We are raising Koi and Goldfish for possible sale as well.  We also have a few handmade necklace designs that will be available soon.  To stay up to date with blooms, new offerings, and current availability, stop back often and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and on our garden blog.

A new seedling.

A new seedling.

About Brugmansia

Brugmansia will thrive in morning sun and afternoon shade.  They prefer temperatures between 50-80 degrees.  They are related to peppers, tomatos, and potatos, but no parts of the plants should be ingested in anyway.  Keep well-watered (if you plant in containers, plan to water EVERYDAY!)  They prefer well drained soil.  Fertilize with Osmocote, 10-10-10 and Liquid Miracle Grow, as they are heavy feeders.  Brugmansia are hardy in zones 9-11.  They may be killed by frost in more northern zones (the rootball must not freeze), but if you cut them back and mulch well before winter hits, they will rebound when the weather warms. You may also choose to store them inside in pots, a cool garage (above freezing) or a basement.  They will go into a dormant state until spring.


About Our Seeds

Our seed selections come from our plants.  We hand pollinate our flowers with the pollens that we collect, dry and store from our blooms.  Each bloom is labeled with its pollen donor.  Once the pods reach maturity, they are collected, cleaned and packaged for sale.  We occasionally have assistance from mother nature and these open-pollinated pods are also available and noted as such.  We get our seeds out as soon as possible.  We keep excess seeds in cold storage awaiting the space to grow them out.   In this regard, there is no time for germination testing; therefore, we place no guarantee on the germination rate.  We use some of these seeds as well and have had great results.  We know how much fun it is to watch them grow, waiting to see what surprise will arrive when they mature.  The process is long, nearly two years from pollination to blooms on the new seedling.  Please keep us informed of the progress of our/your new babies.

About Shipping

Our plants are 14″-24″ tall (unless otherwise stated) and grown in deepwell 4″ pots.  These are twice as deep as regular pots.  The plants are shipped without the pot, but with roots and soil intact!  We also ship unrooted cuttings, usually in the fall, cut right before shipping.  Each cutting has the bottom inch (approx) enclosed in a moist paper towel.  We also offer rooted cuttings/starter plants.  These are cuttings that are rooted and ready to be placed into soil in early spring.  As the season progresses, they will be planted in cell packs and shipped with soil on the roots.  We ship Priority Mail unless plants are very large.  For larger plants, we will determine the best way to ship at the time of sale.  If you are concerned about your plant arriving in good shape, ask for insurance.  We take every precaution to make sure that your plants arrive safely, but we cannot be held responsible for damage during transit.  We package our product keeping in mind that it is “Our Treasure for Your Pleasure.”  We hope that the plants, seeds, and other products that we’ve produced will arrive at your door the way they left our nursery, beautiful gems.  When your plant arrives, unpack it quickly and provide a drink of water.  Place it in a location where it will receive filtered light for a few days before you plant it in it’s permanent location.  If your package arrives damaged as a result of mishandling during shipment, please address your complaint to the carrier.  Make sure to take a photograph before you contact the carrier and do not open your package until you have done so.  Your plants may be yellow and sometimes leafless from their long, hot, dark journey.  They will usually rebound (from jetlag) with new growth within 7-10 days.

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